Common mistakes in English language

Mistakes are often made by using the wrong preposition after certain words. Here are a few examples:

We say to accuse of, not for.

Don’t say: They accused the woman for cheating.

Say: They accused the woman of cheating.


We say to travel by train, plane, bus, etc. not with the train, etc.

Don’t say: She travelled with the plane yesterday.

Say: She travelled by plane yesterday.

Observation: travelled is spelled “traveled” in American English.


We say complain about, not for.

Don’t say: He complained for the noise.

Say: He complained about the noise.


We say congratulate on, not for.

Don’t say: We congratulated him for his success.

Say: We congratulated him on his success.


We say married to, not with.

Don’t say: He was married with a beautiful woman.

Say: He was married to a beautiful woman.

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