34 English Phrases With the Word TIME

1) a waste of time

meaning: not likely to have a satisfactory result;

e.g.: Talking to him is a complete waste of time.


2) time flies

meaning: time passes very quickly;

e.g.: Time flies when I am with you.


3) once upon a time

meaning: -used to describe something that happened in the past;

-it is also used to begin children’s stories;

e.g.: Once upon a time there was a fairyland where everything was bright and colourful.


4) to have the time of your life

meaning: – to enjoy yourself very much;

e.g.: I have had the time of my life dancing with you all night.


5) in the right place at the right time

meaning: -when something happens by luck or someone is given an unexpected chance;

e.g.: He claims to have met Madonna. He must have been in the right place at the right time.


6) behind the times

meaning: – describes someone who is old fashioned or has out-dated ideas;

e.g.: My parents can’t understand my ideas, they are really behind the times.


7) call time

meaning: – if you call time on something it means that it is time to end it;

– to announce that it is time for a bar to close;

e.g.: This is the singer who has called time on her career.


save time8) save time

meaning: – to do something the quick way;

e.g.: Does it save time if we take the path through the wood?


9) time is money

meaning: -time is very valuable and precious;

e.g.: I am sorry I can’t talk to you very much. Time is money, I have to start working as soon as possible.


10) do time/ serve time

meaning: – describes somebody’s sentence in prison;

e.g.: He is doing time for robbing a bank.


11) on time

meaning:- at the planned time;

e.g.: Even if I lost the bus I managed to arrive at the meeting right on time.


12) in time (for something)

meaning: – early enough to do something;

e.g.: The police arrived at the scene just in time to catch the thief.


13) lose time

meaning- fall behind planned schedule because of delays;

e.g.: We lost a lot of valuable time waiting for her to call us.


14) to run out of time

meaning: – there is no time left to do something, the deadline has been reached;

e.g.: I think you should hurry in completing your paper because you are running out of time.


15) from time to time

meaning: – occasionally , not very often;

e.g.: I like to visit my neighbours from time to time.


16) be time for something

meaning: – be enough time to do something;

e.g.: There is time for one more question.


17) kill time

meaning: – when you do something to amuse yourself or to pass time while you are waiting for something or someone;

e.g.: What can we do to kill time while waiting for her?


18) high time

meaning: -you can say this when you think something should have been done already;

e.g.: It’s high time you took a break, you have been working for 8 hours.


19) take your time

meaning: – do something without hurrying;

e.g.: Take your time. There is no rush.


20) time after time

meaning: – to do something repeatedly;

e.g.: He is so annoying, he makes the same bad jokes time after time!


21) in one’s own time

meaning: -to take as long as you want to;

e.g.: I will clean the room but I’ll do it in my own time.


22) take time (for something)

meaning: -needs a long period of time;

e.g.: Reading a novel takes time.


23) stand the test of time

meaning: -describes something that lasts or continues to work well for a long time;

e.g.: This old radio has really stood the test of time. My grandfather gave it to me as a present when I was a child.


24) have time on his side

meaning: -you can afford to wait before doing something;

e.g.: There is plenty of time for you to get married. At twenty yeas old you still have time on your side.


25) have time (for something)

meaning: – have enough time to do something;

e.g.: I don’t have time to talk to you right now.


26) catch someone at a bad time

meaning: to interrupt somebody at an inconvenient time;

e.g.: I am just leaving, you caught me at a bad time.


27) have a good/great time

meaning: -enjoy yourself very much;

e.g.: I had a very good time at your party. Thank you for inviting me!


28) time is of the essence

meaning: when timing and meeting deadlines are essential;

e.g.: We have to start our project right away, time is of the essence.


29) the right/correct time

meaning: the correct time on a watch or a clock;

e.g.: Is that the right time? I am sorry for being late!


30) as time goes by

meaning: as time passes;

e.g.: As time has gone by, I have become less interested in going out with his friends.


31) only a matter of time

meaning: it will definitely happen sooner or later;

eg: He is very sick. It’s only a matter of time before he dies.


32) time will tell

meaning: the passing of time will show the result;

e.g.: Only time will tell if you are going to stand beside me through both heaven and hell.


33) the time is ripe

meaning: – it is the best time to do something;

e.g.: The prices of the houses have decreased this year. I think the time is ripe for us to buy a house.


34) third time is the charm

meaning: – the third time when you try something it will work;

e.g.: I want to get married again. The third time is the charm.

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