Talking about the weather

weather_symbolsHow is the weather? It’s windy. It’s freezing.

What is it like outside? It doesn’t look very nice outside today.

What is the temperature? It’s 20 degrees Celsius.

How is the day? It is a lovely day.

What is the weather going to be like? The weather forecast says it will be warm at the weekend.

It is freezing outside! (it is very cold)

It is a bit chilly. Wrap up warm! (you should wear warm clothes because it is getting cold)

How is the weather in Venice in winter? It is cold and misty.

What’s the forecast for tomorrow? The forecast says it’s going to snow tomorrow.


It is+ adj. e.g.: It is a foggy day.

It is hot in Egipt. (there are more than 40 degrees)

It is cold in the Arctic. (there are minus 50 degrees).

It is wet in London. (it often rains)

It is very dry in the Sahara. (it doesn’t often rain there)

It is+ vb+ ing It is snowing.

It is raining cats and dogs. (it’s raining heavily)


Vocabulary about the weather in English:

happy-rain-cloud-clip-art-iMKFdA-clipartrain- water that falls from the clouds;

drizzle- light rain;

torrential rain- heavy rain;

downpour- heavy rain;

rainbow- an arch of colours visible in the sky after the rain;

sleet- rain and snow mixed;

shower- periods of rain;

flood- an overflow of water;

slush- dirty, brownish, half snow, half water;

sunsunny- no clouds;

cloudy- with clouds;

overcast- full of clouds;

cold- chilly;

freezing- very cold;

frost- thin white coat of ice on everything;

hail- frozen water;

hailstones- small balls of ice falling from the sky;

blizzard – a storm with a lot of snow and wind ;

snow- precipitation in the form of flakes of water ice that falls from clouds;

snowdrift- deep bank of snow;

a breeze- gentle wind;

gale- a strong wind;

hurricane- a very strong wind;

storm- strong wind and rain together;

blustery- strong gusts of wind;

drought- no water;

lightninglightning- a flash of light during a storm;

fog- condensed water vapor limiting visibility;

mist- light fog;

smog- fog and pollution;

thunder- the sound caused by lightning;

thunderstorm- thunder, lightning, rain and wind together;

weather forecast- prediction about the weather;


Nouns and adjectives


sun- sunny; e.g.: It is a sunny day in Paris today but it is raining in London.

rain- rainy;

wind- windy; e.g.: It is a windy day in Madrid.

cloud- cloudy;

snow- snowy;

fog-foggy; e.g.: It is foggy in Bucharest and it’s snowing.

thunder- thundery;

heat- hot;

humidity- humid;

ice- icy;


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