Difference between “TOO” and “ENOUGH”

too-enoughTOO- shows that something is more than enough, more than necessary or more than wanted.

too+ adjective e.g.: This book it’s too difficult for him to read.


too+ adverb e.g.: He reads too quickly for me to understand.


too much+ uncountable noun e.g.: I ate too much chocolate. Now I really have to go on a diet.


too many+ countable noun e.g.: He bought too many candies. He will ruin his teeth if he eats them all.


verb+ too much e.g.: He speaks too much. He gives me a headache.


ENOUGH- shows there is as much of something as is wanted as is wanted or needed.


enough+ noun (countable or uncountable) e.g.: I have enough flour to make a cake.


adjective + enough e.g.: She is old enough to stay at home alone so I will not call the baby sitter anymore.


verb+ enough e.g.: He doesn’t study enough for his exam. He needs to read at least twenty pages every day.


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