Prepositional Phrases with BY

In this lesson we are going to study prepositional phrases with BY.

  • by heart

E.g. When I was a student I learned a lot of poems by heart.

  • by far

E.g. He is by far the most intelligent person in the room.

  • by accident

E.g. She was so absent-minded that she put salt in the tea by accident.

  • by chance

E.g. I found this interesting book in your attic by chance.

  • by appointment

E.g. This doctor sees the patients by appointment only.

  • by mistake
    E.g. I am sorry I took your coat last night by mistake. I thought it was mine because they are both green.
  • by one’s side

E.g. My best friend has always been by my side during some of my most difficult times.

  • by birth

E.g. He grew up in Romania but he is Italian by birth.

  • by now
    E.g. My friends should have arrived by now. I hope they haven’t had any trouble with their car.
  • by law
    E.g. All restaurants must display their prices in the menu by law.
  • by word of mouth

E.g. Did you find your current home by word of mouth or on the internet?

  • by cheque

E.g. Is it all right if I pay for this shopping by cheque?

  • by hand

E.g. All our rugs are made in Turkey by hand.

  • by the time

E.g. The sun had already set by the time he got home that evening.

  • by surprise

E.g. His unexpected visit took her by surprise.

  • by invitation
    E.g. You can go to that event by invitation only.
  • by the arm/hand

E.g. He took her by the hand as they were walking along the road.

  • by land/sea/air
    E.g. My mother gets sick whenever she travels by sea.
  • by oneself
    E.g. I like spending time by myself from time to time.
  • by the way

E.g. By the way, how did your meeting with the manager go

  • by auction

E.g. I am selling my antique art collection by auction.

  • by bus/train/plane etc.

E.g. Are you going to Rome by train or by plane?

  • by nature
    E.g. He didn’t like to do anything around the house. He was very lazy by nature.
  • by no means 

E.g. It is by no means certain that they will finish building our house by November.

  • by luck
    E.g. She played badly but won the match by luck.
  • by the dozen

E.g. My mother always buys eggs by the dozen.

  • by means of
    E.g. They were able to afford the house by means of a bank loan.
  • by all accounts 

E.g. By all accounts, Barcelona is a very interesting city.

  • by day/night

E.g. He is a plumber by day and a watchman by night.

  • by phone
    E.g. You can reach me by phone or via e-mail.

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