Verbs used to describe speaking

  • whisper– speak very softly;
  • mumble– speak softly and unclearly;
  • mention– bring up a topic;
  • enquire– ask;
  • reply– answer;
  • yell– shout;
  • stammer– speak nervously;
  • stutter– speak nervously, repeating sounds;
  • shout– speak loudly and angrily;
  • whine– complain in a sad voice;
  • explain– give details;
  • inform-tell;
  • elaborate– explain in details;
  • howl– cry out in pain;
  • murmur– speak softly and unclearly;
  • pray– speak to God;
  • sigh– breath heavily to show disappointment;
  • report– explain something in formal setting;
  • announce– give information to many people;
  • declare– state;
  • state– say something firmly;
  • roar– shout or speak loudly and fiercely;
  • chant– speak in a rhythmic singing manner;
  • narrate– tell a story;
  • promise– commit to doing something;

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