Telling the time



What time is it? / What’s the time?

Could you tell me the time, please? – more polite


Say the minutes first and then the hour. (Minutes + PAST/ TO+Hour)

For minutes 1-30 we use PAST after the minutes.

For minutes 31-59 we use TO after the minutes.


5:00 It’s five o’clock.

5:05 It’s five past five.

5:10 It’s ten past five.

5:15 It’s a quarter past five.

5:30 It’s half past five.

5:35 It’s twenty-five to six.

5:40 It’s twenty to six.

5:45 It’s a quarter to six.

12:00 It’s twelve o’clock./ It’s midday/noon.

24:00 It’s midnight.


We use AT+ TIME when giving the specific time of a specific event.

e.g.: The meeting starts at one o’clock.

e.g.: The bus leaves at twenty to seven o’clock.

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