Prepositional Phrases with AT

Prepositions create a big confusion for students who learn English as a second language. If you want to master the preposition usage you have to pay close attention to speech and written word. My advice is to keep a good dictionary close at hand.

Remember that a preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun, pronoun, gerund, or clause. A prepositional phrase most often functions as an adjective or adverb. That means it provides more information about a noun or a verb.

In this lesson we are going to study prepositional phrases with AT.


  • at the beginning of
    E.g. I joined the army at the beginning of the year.


  • at first sight

E.g. We met at a party and it was love at first sight.


  • at the moment

E.g. I am reading a very interesting book at the moment.


  • at random

E.g. The people for this experiment were chosen at random.


  • at last

E.g. I had been sending emails to that company for a long time until someone replied at last.


  • at the latest

E.g. You can go out but you have to be home by 10 at the latest.


  • at least

E.g. It’s very cold outside but at least it isn’t snowing.


  • at the age of
    E.g. I learned to read at the age of 5.– at a glance

 E.g. She knew at a glance that he was going to talk to her.


  • at all costs
    E.g. I need to pass this job interview at all costs.
  • at times

E.g. At times, he felt very lonely.


  • at length

E.g. My boyfriend can speak at length about Romanian literature.


  • at the weekend

E.g. I love going out with my girlfriend at the weekend.


  • at…km per hour

E.g. She was fined 200 lei for driving at 150 km per hour.


  • at the door
    E.g. There’s somebody at the door.


  • at hand

E.g. I always have my phone at hand in case I need to make an urgent call.


  • at any rate

E.g. At any rate, I don’t think you should sell your car.


  • at first
    E.g. At first, I was very interested in this course but now I’m not.


  • at midday/midnight

E.g. She returned home at midnight as she was afraid of walking alone in the dark.


  • at present

E.g. At present, I am studying Italian history.


  • at night

E.g. She couldn’t sleep at night. She preferred to sleep during the day.


  • at the bottom of
    E.g. There’s a museum at the bottom of this hill.– at the end
    E.g. I’m going to Rome at the end of the month.
  • at a guess

E.g.  At a guess, 200 people came to the wedding.


  • at short notice

E.g. He knew he could be fired at short notice if he made any kind of mistake.


  • at fault
    E.g. Who was at fault for the accident?– at once

E.g. He had two jobs at once just to pay for his son’s education.


  • at the same time

E.g She liked him a lot but at the same time she was afraid of him.


  • at work

E.g. He was at work when I called him so I couldn’t talk to him.

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