Love Idioms

Dragobete is a traditional Romanian holiday celebrated on 24th February, which is considered to be the equivalent of Saint Valentine’s Day. This day also bears the name of Beginning of Spring.

It celebrates love and it is also the time when nature wakes back to life.  Many Romanians exchange gifts with their partners as a way of showing their affection for each other in this day.

One tradition associated with superstition is for women to eat salty bread baked by the eldest woman in the household and place some basil under the pillow. It is believed that the one who does this will dream of her future husband. Another tradition is to wash one’s face with snow for happiness and good health.

In this article I am going to present you some love idioms and some example sentences to understand better how they are used.

  • to love someone with all of one’s heart and soul– to love someone completely

             E.g.: I love my wife with all my heart and soul because she makes me so happy.

  • to have a crush on someone – an informal idiomatic expression that describes young romantic infatuation

            e.g.: Many people have a crush on film stars even though they are out of reach.

  • to be someone’s one and only To be unique to the other person.

            e.g.: My boyfriend is my one and only and always will be.

  • to be a soulmate–  to be someone who understands and accepts the other person completely

            e.g.: My best friend is my soulmate because she understands me completely.

  • to be the apple of someone’s eye – to be loved and treasured by someone, normally a parent

            e.g.: She was the apple of her father’s eye because she was his only daughter.

  • to fall head over heels in love – to fall completely in love

            e.g.: John fell head over heels in love at their first date because she was so attractive.

  • to take one’s breath away– when you are so in love with that person that you find it difficult to breathe

            e.g.: When she appeared wearing her new dress she took his breath away.

  • a match made in heaven– two people who are extremely compatible and will have a great life together

            e.g.: The old couple had been together for sixty years and was a match made in heaven.

  • to fancy someone– to find someone very attractive

          e.g.: He could not concentrate in class because he fancied his classmate.

  • double date– a date which involves two couples.

            The two pairs of twins went on a double date.

  • on the rocks – a relationship experiencing problems.

            E.g.: Their marriage was on the rocks so they decided to go to a counsellor.

  • love rat– somebody who has an affair while in a relationship.

            E.g.: He was a love rat because he had an affair with his wife’s sister.


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