Problem words

The English language includes some confusing words that are often misused. To clarify this I’ll give you some examples:

– accept: I accept the consequences of my actions.
– except: I like all the shirts in this shop except the blue one.

– affect: Your negative thoughts will affect your state of mind.
– effect: His words had a great effect on her.

– all ready: The children were all ready to go home.
– already: I have already read this book.

– beside: He sat down beside her.
– besides: She wants to visit other countries besides Italy and France.

– lay: Please lay the plates on the table!
– lie: We can lie under a tree to have a rest.

– precede: A short presentation will precede the movie.
– proceed: You may now proceed the test!

– principal: Mr. Brown is our school principal.
– principle: She has a personal manual of life principles.

– set: I set my books on the desk.
– sit: Please sit down on that chair!

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