Verbe frazale cu „up”

Do you find it difficult to pick up  new phrasal verbs? I bet that most of you are sometimes pretty much confused when you use them. Well, cheer up  because in this post I am going to present you a few phrasal verbs with the particle “up”.

pick up 

  • to lift something or someone from a surface

E.g. James was not afraid of spiders so he picked it up and looked at it carefully.

  • to collect, to gather

E.g. In autumn we go into the forest and pick up the overnight fallen chestnuts.

  • to take someone in a vehicle

E.g. She waited at the station until her husband came to pick her up.  

  • to acquire knowledge by learning or experience

E.g. He picked up a few Italian expressions while visiting Rome.

  • to start something again from the point where you stopped

E.g. We will pick up this conversation when I get back from work. 

cheer up

  • to become less unhappy or to make someone feel less unhappy

E.g. His friends did everything they could to cheer him up but he couldn’t stop crying.

take up 

  • to start doing something regularly as a habit or interest

E.g. I took up jogging because I felt I had to lose some weight.

  • to make something shorter

E.g. Her skirt was too long so she took it up a little bit.

look up

  • to search a particular piece of information in a book

E.g. You should look up any unknown word in a dictionary.

  • to become better, to improve

E.g. Our financial situation is finally looking up.

break up

  • to finish a relationship

E.g. Their relationship wasn’t going very well so they decided to break up.

  • close an educational institution for holidays

E.g. All the children in Romania broke up for the summer holidays on 15th June.

  • to break something into pieces

E.g. She broke up the bar of chocolate and gave each one of her friends a small piece.

  • become inaudible over the telephone because of interference

E.g. I tried to talk to her on the phone but I couldn’t hear her because she was breaking up.

brush up

  • to refresh one’s knowledge or memory of a subject

E.g. Mary took an online course to brush up her English before she visited London.

blow up

  • to explode

E.g. I wonder what would happen if a nuclear bomb blew up in space.

  • to start suddenly

E.g. The concert was cancelled because a terrifying storm blew up.

  • to inflate, to fill with air

E.g. George was out of breath after he had blown up all his daughter’s balloons.

show up

  • to attend something or to arrive somewhere

E.g. Make sure you are not going to show up late at our first date!

  • make someone feel embarrassed or ashamed           

E.g. I was upset because he was always showing me up in front of my classmates.

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